Double sided Nail Brush, White


Double sided Nail Brush, White

These natural nail brushes have handles made of cellulose acetate derived from cotton, warm to the touch and self-polishing. (Rhodoid)

The bristles used are completely natural and come from animals (pigs and wild boars).

The design of the brushes are presented to celebrate the fundamental values of elegance and qualities that characterize the 1930 era.

Every one is made using high quality materials and are polished by hand to ensure a flawless quality.

Cellulose acetate and natural bristles.
Made in Italy
21.5 x 6.5 x 4cm

Presented in wrapped kraft paper sealed with kraft tape.

Caring for your nail brush:
Gently remove dead hair from the brush by lifting from side to side with the J. Glinert brush cleaner.
Agitate in soapy water and rinse under cold water.
Do not soak as the bristles will absorb water.
Shake away excess moisture and pale on a towel with bristles facing downwards.
Allow to dry naturally without artificial heat.

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